Applied Risk Management:
Valuation of Derivatives under AI and Data Science Technologies

Gordon H Dash and Nina Kajiji

Gordon H Dash, PhD
Professor of Finance and Decision Sciences, University of Rhode Island
Faculty, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program, Univ. Of Rhode Island
Adjunct Professor,
Istituto Superiore per Imprenditori e Dirigenti di Azienda, Italy
Chief Research and Development Officer & Principal, The NKD-Group, Inc.


Dr. Dash’s commitment to the study of the financial services industry is also evidenced in professor Dash’s research.  In addition to being the past Editor of The Northeast Journal of Business & Economics, he has also served as an associate editor for both The International Review of Financial Analysis and The Financial Review.  His research on optimal bank structures has been published by a number of academic journals including the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis; the Journal of Banking and Finance and The Financial Review.  A similar effort directed at property-liability insurers was published by the Canadian Journal of Operational Research and Information Processing.  His extension of operations research techniques, particularly the ability to model multiple decision making objectives within a managerial structure, were extended to well-known problems of choosing optimal investment portfolios.  To this end, his research was published by The New England Journal of Business & Economics and Journal of Portfolio Management. Professor Dash’s joint expertise in finance and operations research resulted in the publication of a two-volume software release for academic teaching: Operations Research Software, Volume I and Volume II. The effort in this area continues today with the ongoing release of WinORS – a Window’s compatible version of the software that includes risk-mitigation and financial engineering methods.  As professor Dash’s career advanced, his research focus added the evolving field of artificial intelligence.  To this end, he has focused on the use of artificial neural networks to model highly nonlinear events in the foreign exchange markets, the derivatives markets as well as contemporary stock markets.  His research in this area has been published by The Journal of Computing and e-Systems;Operations Research: An International Journal; and the African Finance Journal; and, the Handbook of Financial Engineering.  In addition to U.S. research symposiums, he has received internationally based invitations to present current research findings at academic conferences in Lithuania, Germany, Greece, South Africa, and Italy. 

 Dr. Dash has been awarded the 2009 Diversity Award for Faculty Excellence in Leadership and Service; the 2004 Dean's Excellence Award for Graduate Teaching and the 2002 Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Professor.  In 2004 professor Dash was also inducted in The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.  Over his years at CBA, Professor Dash has enjoyed primary teaching responsibility for courses including Mutual Fund Management, Global Currency Trading and Valuation, Speculative Markets (Derivatives), Bank Financial Management and Managerial Economics. Additionally, for an overlapping span of 18 years that includes this coming summer,  Dr. Dash has served as a Visiting Professor of Finance at ISIDA, the University of Palermo's (Sicily) internationally hosted Master of Management program

 Within the College of Business Administration he is well known as the founder and current advisor to the student-directed Financial Engineering Club.  He also founded the student club – Minority Students in Business Administration.  Professor Dash reports that one of his most important challenges today is re—engaging with former students.  To this end he is working on a new financial engineering blog as well as a presence on Twitter.  To capture the interest of potential students, professor Dash has been active in speaking at various high school career day activities – the most recent of which was at E-Cubed Academy in Providence, R.I.  and the Teen-Impact service project hosted by New Life Worship Center, Smithfield, R.I.

 Dr. Dash remains an active member of the International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE), Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) and The European Operational Research Society.  When not engaged in his profession, professor Dash can be found at Gold’s Gym, attending live artistic performances or biking the pathways of R.I. with camera in hand.

Updated: 10-Apr-2023

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